To believe, or not to believe? That is the question Addison seeks to answer as she interviews random folks, experts, a blast from the past, and, ultimately, herself.

Written, produced, and narrated by Lauren Nelson


Dr. Stanley Stepanic

  • Lecturer at the University of Virginia with expertise in Slavic Folklore and vampirism
  • Skeptic published by organizations such as the Center for Skeptical Inquiry
  • Author of upcoming book on Dracula

Kitty Jost-Janusz

Erik Vanlier

Dr. Pamela Heath

Also featured:

  • Members of the WKU Forensics Team as the interviewees
  • Ann Pierson D’Angelo as Anna Cunningham

Addison shares an entry originally written in Russian all the way back in 1795 with ties to an eccentric literary figure. After interviewing Slavic folklore expert Dr. Jessica Lincoln, she might have finally found justification for the mass-participation fiction theory about the journals. Or did she?


Written, produced, and narrated by Lauren Nelson

Dr. Jessica Lincoln voiced by Dr. Jessica Furgerson



Selections from Derek and Brian Fiechter’s Russian and Slavic Folk Music and Gothic music collections.

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