Addison thought it was just the flu. Addison was wrong.

Written, produced, and narrated by Lauren Nelson


  • Ashley Litsey as Jo
  • Kelly Lootz as Jessie
  • Chintarmanya Vivian as Pseudo-Berta


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One comment on “Episode 26: Overload

  1. PsychopompGecko May 11, 2017

    That tulpa idea has seen traction recently, in relation to one of the Fears. Well, if you group him as a Fear. The Slender Man has only existed since, 2009 or ’10, but saw quite a bit of popularity for awhile. Burnout happens, of course, especially when most of those writing stories about it all let things drag on too long and make sure to include one giant, twisting mess of continuity that keeps away new readers and anyone who lapses. One idea behind Slender Man is that the fictional being may be a tulpa, and that even thinking about him makes him more likely to come after someone.

    That’s really not so notable, except that there is another interesting aspect of the creation that I think matches up really well with discussion of a tulpa. A lot of things in the Mythos are left vague. Blanks aren’t always filled in. What happened to someone doesn’t always get uncovered. That’s because a person’s own imagination can do all sorts of crazy things to scare a person.

    It is the same vector as fear of the dark. People aren’t scared of just darkness. They’re scared of what’s in the dark. It could be anything. It could be anywhere. It could be watching them, silent, waiting to grab their throat while they scramble blindly through the woods, or a hallway, or a bedroom. In the absence of information, the brain will create horrors.

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