WARNING: this episode contains disturbing content and may not be suitable for all listeners, particularly young children or their parents.

After suffering a concussion delayed its release, Addison finally offers up an episode in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, the battles fought in the past, the battles still to come, and women everywhere today.

Written, produced, and narrated by Lauren Nelson

“I Can’t Keep Quiet” by MILCK was used with permission from the artist. The rendition featured can be viewed on YouTube here.

  • To find out how you can get involved with the #Icantkeepquiet movement, click here.
  • To donate to the ACLU, click here.
  • To donate to Planned Parenthood, click here.
  • To donate to Thorn, click here.
  • To learn how to join the movement around the Women’s March, click here.


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One comment on “Episode 21: This One’s For the Girls

  1. PsychopompGecko Apr 12, 2017

    Though I haven’t experienced it on the same level as a woman, I am also familiar with some of this. There’s no quicker way to make me dislike a person than for them to insist I smile. I caught that little thing from Jessica Jones as well.

    Perhaps the only real note to add to this one is that these stereotypes and prejudices damage even those they seek to empower. Just as it was noted by a civil rights leader (I believe Martin Luther King, Jr., but I’ve been wrong before and do not wish to put words into his mouth), becoming an oppressor hurts someone too. It turns an otherwise reasonable person into someone willing to send dogs to attack people. It makes them participate in a thousand different daily forms of oppression against people they don’t really wish any harm upon.

    Perhaps people will finally see it for themselves, now that it has been so thoroughly dragged into the spotlight by their own ignorance, idiocy, and apathy.

    We have to hope that at least something good can come of these times, after all.

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