An Apology

March 9, 2017

Hey folks. I wanted to take a second to apologize for a misstep on my part in the last episode. In it, I referenced a post on the NoSleep subreddit that related to the journal entry in question. Though I believed I had properly credited the source, I’ve since spoken with the author, and regret the way it was presented.

I intended no offense, but I realize that my delivery when reading sections of the story might have been perceived as mocking the author and her post. That was inappropriate. I also missed a section in the FAQ section which indicated that while I couldn’t ask about the truth of the post on the story itself, I COULD contact the author directly.

These mistakes are totally on me. I screwed up, and upset an author whose skills I respect. I promise I will try to do better in the future, and apologize to cmd102 and other NoSleep fans who were frustrated. I also strongly encourage you to go read the original post in its entirety. It’s a good one.

– Addison

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