To believe, or not to believe? That is the question Addison seeks to answer as she interviews random folks, experts, a blast from the past, and, ultimately, herself.

Written, produced, and narrated by Lauren Nelson


Dr. Stanley Stepanic

  • Lecturer at the University of Virginia with expertise in Slavic Folklore and vampirism
  • Skeptic published by organizations such as the Center for Skeptical Inquiry
  • Author of upcoming book on Dracula

Kitty Jost-Janusz

Erik Vanlier

Dr. Pamela Heath

Also featured:

  • Members of the WKU Forensics Team as the interviewees
  • Ann Pierson D’Angelo as Anna Cunningham
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One comment on “Episode Sixteen: Admit

  1. PsychopompGecko Mar 1, 2017

    1 skeptic with a focus in a very specific sort of literature, versus three very much non-skeptics. Even one with a spooky story about how his car wouldn’t start after his radiator hose was slashed. Run that one by a mechanic and enjoy the laughter if you need a light moment. Plus, Lilith? Yeah, sure. He sounds like a room full of housewives who all insist they were each Cleopatra in a past life.

    All of this was rather weighted.

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