Addison might be a bit drunk, but she’s damned and determined to get you the research she’s done on the Mad Butcher case file. After all, she literally risked her life to get it.


Written, narrated, and produced by Lauren Nelson


Dr. Evangeline Lucas voiced by Brittany Nelson

Elizabeth Carey voiced by Abigail Nelson

Charles “Chuckie” Van Slyke voiced by Spencer Orlowski


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One comment on “Episode Fourteen: Cleveland — Part Two

  1. PsychopompGecko Mar 1, 2017

    Chucky the killer droll there isn’t entirely wrong about the idea that some people seen as crazy are seeing more connections than other people. It’s thought to technically be a feature, not a bug. As in, people see a pattern where none is just in time to avoid getting pounced on by some hungry thing with natural camo. Thing is, some people let it go too far and end up with all sorts of conspiracy theories and all that. That’s what’s called Apophenia, the perception by humans of connections between random things that don’t actually have any connection.

    Not to make too much a pun out of it, but seeing a pattern here?

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