The third entry from the journals tells of an incident that took place in the Louisiana bayou during the 1990’s. The story is terrifying, but it’s the scientific explanations included that really get Addison’s attention. Including an interview with Dr. Regina Dewars of the International Foundation for the Study of Paranormal Phenomena and a weird voicemail from someone who claims to know something about what happened all those years ago in Camden, this episode is a long one… but worth it.

Written, produced, and narrated by Lauren Nelson
Dr. Regina Dewars voiced by Rachel Wigginton Lopez
Brad Hammersmith voiced by Daniel Lopez


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One comment on “Episode Three: The Bayou

  1. PsychopompGecko Mar 1, 2017

    Shadow people are an oft-cited phenomena in all this extant-Fortean stuff. I first heard about them as an old-timey radio story:

    They’ve shown up in all kinds of other things as well, including John Dies At The End.

    Apparently, there are a few specific types different folks see. One of the common types are the ones that sit on a person’s chest as a result of someone experience sleep paralysis. The human body paralyzes itself while sleeping to avoid falling out of a tree, but sometimes people start to wake up and the mechanism doesn’t switch off as soon as it’s supposed to. They wake up to find they can’t move and it feels like something’s on their chest. They were just dreaming, and now they’re panicking, so they see things. Shadow people, grey aliens, demons; all tend to get slotted into this depending on the person.

    There are a few others that are seen, certain archetypes, but I’m not as well-versed in those. It’s pretty easy to see how, just like with various alien archetypes, it just takes someone to jump on the same story written by someone before to come up with multiple supposed sightings of the same character. They’d hardly be the first myth to do that.

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