The Missing St. Louis Families

August 10, 2016

Hey everyone! I know, I know — I promised you a list of names of the St. Louis families who have since moved away like forever ago, but there were hiccups.

For starters, I found one of them on my own. Well, they found me, truth be told. I guess a cousin of a nephew of a friend heard something about it and they found out I was about to be on the hunt. They wanted to get ahead of the curve, I guess, and called me to tell me that under no circumstances was I to share any identifying information about them publicly. That means no recording of their voice, either.

They did give me permission to share a few things they said: namely, that they have no idea what I’m talking about. Much like the folks Officer Kearny spoke with, this person has no memory of a kidnapping in 1971, largely because they have no memory of ever having a kid. Oh, and the other half of the couple? Committed suicide in 1984.

So there’s that.

But then I started thinking and got all kinds of nervous about what the repercussions could be if I posted someone else’s name and they weren’t happy and wanted to take legal action. So I did what anyone in my shoes would do. I called the pseudo-friend from college I haven’t talked to in more than a few years to get advice.

All that to say: I can give you first and last names of the parents and tell you they all resided in St. Louis in the summer of 1971. That’s it.

I know, I’m disappointed, too. Some of these police reports are… well, interesting, to say the least. And though I maintain that freedom of the press is paramount, I’m not entirely sure how much of that freedom applies to a little known amateur podcaster with no means to defend herself should she be brought to court, and I’m not interested in gambling on it.

Sorry folks. But here are the names, at least, in chronological order:

  1. Marie and Derrick Jackson
  2. Thomas and Linda Nettles
  3. Larry and Karen Casper
  4. Mark and Sharon West
  5. Gary and Pamela Wilson
  6. Dennis and Cynthia Schmitt
  7. Mark and Barb Hegel
  8. Jennifer and Donald Garrison
  9. Anthony and Kate Baker
  10. Gail and Peter Ramirez
  11. Arthur and Bev Morris
  12. Judy and Dale Cook
  13. Marilyn and Pat Collins
  14. Hannah and Jude Parker
  15. Stan and Jo Rogers
  16. Henry and Jessica Sanchez
  17. Randall and Theresa Olson
  18. Sherry and Sam Green
  19. Claire and John Morales
  20. Marsha and Rick Kelly
  21. Sally and Gene Crawford
  22. Norman and Evelyn Dixon
  23. Lois and Cliff Shaw
  24. Anita and Tommy Hunter

If you think you have any information on these individuals, or any of the cases so far, give me a shout at Thanks!

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